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Why Acro Bees?

You may be thinking how is Acro Bees different to every other pre-school session available to me?

Well Acro Bees is unique and here's why!

We help get rid of mum guilt by providing a fully engaging session for you and your little one enabling you to leave knowing that you've spent quality time with your child that day!

We educate children through story, literacy and numeracy.

We teach yoga poses suitable for little bodies but that are also beneficial to adults!

We introduce the basics of Acrobatics in every session helping little ones gain confidence in their bodies abilities.

All of our sessions have been designed to build on children's early years developments and give parents and care givers ideas to continue at home.

We offer free play so that children can explore the equipment in their own unique way and build on their imagination and socialisation skills!

Children are rewarded each session through certificates, stickers or colouring sheets continuing the Acro Bees fun at home!

Now you've seen what a fun packed exciting time Acro Bees provides why not book a session today and experience it for yourself!

Remember: Bee Happy, Bee Active, BEE YOU!

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