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Summer fun!

☀We had a great summer of fun!

We went on the North Notts Nectar Trail to find the Bee Sculptures that have been placed around the area.

Each Bee had a code to unlock a fascinating bee fact on the app!

We managed to find 16 out of the 30 that were there.

All the bees were unique.

We have put pictures of all of them on our Acro Bees Facebook page.

Our favourites were the robot and the lion one.

The robot sculpture was called Bee Innovative and the Lion one was called Bee Brave!

Check out our photos below!

All Acro Bees sessions are now back with the addition of our Baby-Crawling session on Monday's in Rossington.

This session will introduce babies to movement and music through a special Acro Bees story featuring Acro Bee the puppet.

Sessions will also include props to help with sense of touch and sight and work on fine motor skills.

There will also be a chance to meet new people, have a chat and a coffee and make new friends.

Check out our session page for times and booking information!

🐝Remember: Bee Happy, Bee Active, BEE YOU!

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☀Summer fun!

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