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Like many of you I am a mum.

I have two grown up daughters and a beautiful little boy of 6.

When it comes to my children I have always wanted to make sure they were getting everything they need to grow up into amazing adults.

It's hard at times to balance family life, quality time together, learning, work, school, clubs etc.

Sometimes in that busy life we miss things and often get to the end of the day and think "I should have done that today"

I get it, especially if you are a single mum!

I have spent the last 26 years teaching people to dance and running a busy dance school.

During that time I discovered that instilling good habits into children while they are young makes a massive difference as they grow and develop.

Unfortunately I also discovered through trying to find activities for my little boy that there aren't that many opportunities open to them, especially to be physically active at such a young age!

My son is on the go all the time but I noticed particularly through lock down that this slowed down and I made it my mission once restrictions were lifted to do something about it!

However I couldn't find much ☹

Play groups are great but they don't provide the elements to develop all of the physical areas children need to work on!

I got fed up!

Acro Bees developed out of that need for my son to be doing something physical and fun but engaging!

It came like a wave and I couldn't stop writing, planning and creating!

Every story i developed I did with my son and he laughed and joined in with every bit each time we did them!

Acro Bees has given us so much and we use it all the time at home.

I use it when I think he needs something different to do, before bed, when he's worried about something, to learn something new or just to have 10 minutes just me and him!

It helps him learn and make sense of the world, calms him down with the breathing elements and develops focus and a healthy positive mindset!

Acro makes him (and me) very happy and there's nothing better than seeing that in your child!

For me as a mum Acro Bees gives me not just the chance to be with my son but forget about all that adulting stuff for a time and to go to bed with a happy heart- that is worth it every single time 🥰

Whether you want an activity for you and your child in an organised session, something to do together at home or even start a business you don't need childcare for

ACRO BEES has it all!

My first book:
Acro goes into Space
is now available at Amazon!

Have Acro Bees fun in the comfort of your own home with my new ebook! 

Follow Acro as he journeys into space.

Spend time reading and acting out the story together and see what you will discover!

Lots of fun to be had with this simply told book!

Click the picture of the book to purchase your very own copy!

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We absolutely loved our Acro Bees session, thank you so much Jemma. It was really interactive and fantastic to get my 2 year old moving and balancing!

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Acro The Bee Character-01_edited.png
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