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What does Acro Bees do different?

Building good healthy habits into our lives can be hard sometimes and when we have children we really want to teach our little ones healthy habits to help them lead an active lifestyle.

By doing an activity that is for both adults and children we can really show our children that exercise is fun and an enjoyable way to spend time together.

If you usually take your child swimming you may find it can get busy, noisy, crowded, and costly and isn't something you can join in with all of the time and so you sit on the sidelines watching!

At Acro Bees, numbers are kept low to ensure that each child can get our full attention, and we can have a more interactive session with both adult and child.

For just £7, you will get an hour of storytelling, yoga, dance, and acrobatics. Your child will also get some time for free play, where they can interact and socialise with others and time for you to meet other adults too.

As with swimming we reward our little ones each week and all receive a certificate, sticker, and colouring sheet at the end of the session!

So why not add an Acro Bees session onto your other weekly activities you and your child do together and see their confidence, social skills and early years milestones develop each week!

🐝Remember: Bee Happy, Bee Active, BEE YOU!

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