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Welcome to our weekly blog post

We have had a wonderful start to the week at Acro Bees! We had a special birthday this week and got to go to a birthday party! We sang, opened presents, jumped on the bouncy castle, ate yummy food, did the conga and blew out the candles! We loved celebrating and had lots of fun!

Our new Wednesday class at Harworth is also now up and running and we are very excited to meet out new little Acro Bees that are coming this week - I wonder where Acro will take us! We are also very excited to announce that we will have a new class starting in Tickhill after Easter - keep looking out for more details of this class!

Our move of the week is ball pose! Do you know how to do it? Put your hands and feet on the floor and make yourself as small and round as possible. Acro loves doing this pose and likes to pretend he's an apple!

The 21st March is also world memory day and we love nothing more than making memories at Acro Bees! Why not chat together tonight and try and remember some fun memories and then think of something you can do to make more happy memories.

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See you back next week when we see what else Acro and the Acro Bees have been up to!

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