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What is Acro Bees all about?

Acro Bees is a unique, exciting and fun adult and child activity session that uses stories, yoga and acrobatics.

Acro Bees can be adapted for children of all ages making it a flexible business opportunity.

Acro Bees allows you the chance to build your own business that fits into your life and the best thing is you don't have to be trained in Yoga and Acrobatics to do it!

If you are a parent then Acro Bees enables you to not only run your own business but enables you to include your own children while you work.

Acro Bees is also perfect for dance schools, gymnastic clubs etc who are looking to add early years provision to ultimately filter into their existing classes.    

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Acro Bees is the perfect fit for those looking for:

  • More time with their children

  • a new challenge

  • a career change

  • attracting younger/new clients

  • build up an existing business

As an Acro Bees franchisee you get:


  • to run your own businesses

  • pick your own working hours

  • decide where to work


I love teaching Acro Bees, Seeing the children become immersed in the story each session is my favourite part of the week!

Jasmine - Acro Bees Instructor

Can Acro Bees work in educational settings?


Acro Bees franchisee's can deliver sessions to primary schools as part of PE Lessons or as an extra curricular activity. 

Acro Bees has been designed using EYFS guidelines and is a great addition to any Primary school activity programme. 

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"Acro Bees is excellent for children to explore movement through stories and songs"

"We love acting out the animals from the stories and wondering what the next story will be!"

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